Year after year the Messiah Project has placed nativity scenes around the Springfield Area.  This  outreach program has been highly supported by the McDonald’s restaurants which have allowed us to place the scenes at their locations, and by local businesses who have done the same.  However, the cost of repainting, repairing, and/or replacing these scenes has risen as we have added new locations.  Caring for and storing over 375 characters is a huge undertaking and, while volunteers have done a lot of the work, costs have risen as the size of the program has expanded.

We want to be able to continue the program, bringing “Jesus the reason for the  season,” to our community.  These scenes do not represent any one Christian denomination, but rather are truly an ecumenical outreach and we are asking you to participate in its continuation. 

Please, won’t you consider having your congregation join with others here in Springfield and make a contribution to the Messiah Project in support of this area wide ecumenical outreach project?  

In summation:

1        There is no organization or event that says “Jesus is the Reason for the Season” to more people than the Nativity Scene Project

2        There is no place on Planet Earth where McDonalds Restaurants are open and eager to making the statement, “Jesus is the Reason for the Season”.

We want to continue the program --but truly need your help.  Please go to the donor page and make your donation today.

Nativity scenes

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If you are a construction worker, handy - man or woman who like physical work.  Please send us a note at

Why the

We believe that the word of God is the foundation to our faith. Art is simply a way to communicate beyond the intellect to the soul of man. For some, art is the means by which God communicates His grace and truth.

Through their vision, leadership, hard work, and dedication, the Messiah Project has become an instrument for sharing God’s wonderful love through the arts with people around the world.

Lindsey and Jane Robison

Through their leadership, foresight, hard work and dedication the Messiah project and all of it's many facets has become the instrument through which God's wonderful love for all His people has become manifest in the lives of people around the world.

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A Christian Fine Arts Organization In Springfield, Missouri

The Messiah Project Inc. is a not-for-profit fine arts organization headquartered in Springfield, Missouri, whose visual, dramatic, and musical productions celebrate the Jewish and Christian heritage at the core of our nation’s artistic culture.

While The Messiah Project Inc. draws its talent from across the United States, Europe, and Asia, our core team hales from the Ozarks, whose artistic and spiritual soil proves especially rich.