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China - Mongolia Tour 2018

Messiah Project is on it’s way to Mongolia

To our Messiah Project Friends,
This is your invitation to our concerts in Mongolia!

Possibly, you can’t come in person, but please be there in prayer! This is the most unique outreach Messiah Project has ever organized. We will blend the talents of a Missionary Korean Women’s choir, Mongolian Men’s choir, the Mongolian Army Orchestra, and Ballet Excelsior from Houston, TX—all in “Harmony” to proclaim the wonderful work Saviour—a story of God’s passion for His people. This year Mongolia celebrates 30 years of a measured freedom. Though the majority of the population is Buddhist, there is a tremendous growth in the number of Christians. In order to bring this tour to pass I traveled to Mongolia 3 times in the last 9 months.

We had the opportunity to add an additional concert in another major city, complete with choir and orchestra, which has put us over our budget. Will you help us by “purchasing your tickets” today? We’ll make sure your seat is occupied at each concert!



Please send your tax-deductible donation to: Messiah Project, 931 S. Kickapoo, Springfield, MO 65804. Or go to and give on line.

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