A Mass Choir Is Forming! Messiah Project is preparing for our 11th Annual Heritage of Hymns Concert. Rehearsals begin this Sunday the 18th at 2:30 at the Credo Art Center 931 S Kickapoo in Springfield. If you would like to sing with us please send us a message to heritageofhymns@gmail.com . Following is more information.


Press Release as of 11 June 2019

The 11 th Annual Heritage of Hymns will be presented at Evangel University Chapel on September 29 2019 at 7:00 pm

The Messiah Project, an international Christian fine arts organization based in Springfield, MO, is pleased to report that the Heritage of Hymns continues to be a thriving event in the Springfield area. This year the concert will be held on September 29 at 7:00 PM in the Evangel University Chapel with an organ prelude starting at 6:00 PM. Believers from many denominations will come together to celebrate the heritage we share as Christians. The evening will feature traditional hymns sung by choir and audience together, as well as orchestral pieces and other special musical selections. Christopher Brammer, music director for University Heights Baptist Church and the Springfield Chamber Chorus along with Rich Langston, music director for Ridgecrest Baptist Church, will be the directors of the Heritage of Hymns mass Choir and select community orchestra. For this 11 th anniversary celebration, we are featuring Dennis Jernigan one of the best contemporary Christian artist of our generation whose music is sung in a host of churches of many denominations. Community Singers are encouraged to contact us for further information at heritageofhymns@gmail.com. This festival has thrilled and inspired people of all ages for over a decade! Following is a draft of the promotional piece.



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