Save the Date! Heritage of Hymns 28 September 2019 Spence Chapel Evangel University Springfield, MO 7 PM

Once again we will provide an opportunity for the Christians from different congregations to come together to celebrate our faith through some of the greatest music ever pinned. We are pleased to share the platform with one of Christian Artists greatest psalmist Dennis Jernigan. A wonderful opportunity for your choir or praise group to join with other singers in a large choir. Directors will be Christopher Brammer from University Heights Baptist and Rich Langston from Ridgecrest Baptist here in Springfield. Following is a brief biography on Mr. Jernigan.

You may know the music of Dennis Jernigan before you know his name. Having penned songs that are sung in churches and worship gatherings over the entire world like, You Are My All In All, Thank You, Who Can Satisfy My Soul (There Is A Fountain), I Belong to Jesus, We Will Worship the Lamb of Glory, and many others, Dennis Jernigan is a worship leader, song receiver, and author, but more importantly, he is a husband and father. Married for 34 years to Melinda, they have nine children and make their home in Muskogee, Oklahoma where they are now welcoming grandchildren. Having been walking in freedom from his former homosexual identity since November 7, 1981, Jernigan takes great joy in sharing the grace and love of God with any who desire freedom in their own lives. Known for his worship songs, his gift for singing God’s heart over hurting people, as well as his ability to lead people into a deeper, freeing awareness of Father’s love in their lives, DJ spends a great deal of time encouraging others to embrace their true identity in Christ.

Dennis Jernigan

One of the Greatest Psalmist of our time!


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